Family Booking Calendar & Peak Usage Information

Peak months – April thru October
Holidays – Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • Maximum 2-week stay with a minimum 2-week booking in between stays
  • If you are not going to use a date reserved, please cancel on the calendar
  • Holidays will be divided equally between homeowners and alternate each year – Lang /3 divided by 3 and Lowe/3
  • Can trade holidays and dates
  • If reserves are back to back and CHECK-OUT is 3PM Sunday, and CHECK-IN is 3PM Monday to allow for cleaning on Monday. Other agreements may be made between parties – just confirm cleaning arrangements and check out with the family member immediately following you.

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General Rules of Stay

  • We DO NOT RENT. No overnight guest without an owner present
  • Replace staples, including toilet paper and paper towels.
  • If you broke it – fix it.
  • If you didn’t break it, but it needs repair — report it to all owners – i.e. paint chipping, a dripping faucet – and arrangements will be made for repairs
  • Adhere to all Sea Gate Villas Association Rules & Regulations
  • Most of all, have fun, relax — Make Memories! Sign the Book – tell a story, post pictures with hashtag #seagatememories

NOTE: Fishing privileges in House Pond -, the body of water adjacent to Lake Shore Drive.  To clarify, owners and guests at Sea Gate Villas have the approval to fish in the pond.  We have been asked to respect the wildlife and natural areas when fishing.  Please use the two piers and north bulkhead area of the pond, and do not fish in areas where ducks congregate.  There are concerns that ducks may get snared in fishing lines and hooks.  In addition, we are asked to catch and release in the event any fish are caught.  Since this is a private pond, a fishing license is not required in South Carolina.