Who’s Marchie? My Wild Ride.


I have been here, there, and everywhere.
What a fantastic journey.
So many highlights.
So many AMAZING people.
A tremendous amount of great food!
A few forks & bumps – even giant hurdles.

 All said and done – Great Times & I keep on going …

Foodie, Gardener, Fashionista, Book & Movie Junkie, Music Lover, Outdoor Enthusiast, Observer, Curious, Producer, Entrepreneur, Former Wine Drinker – Believer.

I have enjoyed a career in advertising for 30+ years. I produced tv commercials for clients big and small. I loved every minute of it. Four years ago, I had a “life moment.” Maybe I was burnt out; maybe it was just time to move on. Either way, I needed to re-evaluate. My true loves are film, food, fashion, and helping others. I had the film thing covered with advertising. Now I am a catering coordinator, food writer, and cabi stylist. And loving every minute of it.

 My long-term goal is to work dementia caretaker advocate into the picture. But, I am still grieving the loss of my Mom, so I have put up the dementia books for a bit … more to come on that chapter (pun intended).

Favorite Quote: “Oh Be Joyful” – Chicken George

Basically, I am a lover of life and want to soak it all in … I never know what is next … I keep my heart, mind, and eyes wide open!

I invite you to tag along on this Wild Ride with me.

 Have a beautiful day!

P.S. ***I am a visual/verbal storyteller by nature and profession and must have missed semi-colon class in school — so please forgive any grammatical errors.