The Closet Audit

de-cluttering; maximizing pieces you love & retiring those that no longer serve you well. 

A closet audit is an opportunity to go through your closet to determine what in your existing wardrobe should be kept, discarded, or tailored based on fit, lifestyle, and your overall image goals. We will spend time shopping in your own closet, showing you techniques on how to get creative when it comes to your existing pieces. We will reinvent your wardrobe by mixing and matching items to create new outfits. You will have a whole new appreciation for that silk blouse you hardly wear! In the end, you will be left with a more organized, ‘shop-able’ closet.

Next, we will build a shopping list that fills in the gaps of your existing closet and creates a cohesive wardrobe based on your budget and image goals.  If you would like, I will gladly donate discarded items on your behalf and a receipt for tax deductions will be mailed to you.

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