Welcome to DigIn With Marchie

trikeHoodie Hoo

February 20th is Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day where folks go out at noon and wave their hands and chant “Hoodie Hoo”. Some might even add in a little dance. They are chasing away the Winter Blues and welcoming the new beginnings of Spring.

For me, it has been a Wild Ride to get here and the journey continues.

Therefore, DigIn is chanting Hoodie Hoo as well AND doing the Marchie Dance. We are blessing the old and embracing the new. There will be plenty of sunshine and serendipity. We will have juicy tidbits of randomness, yummy food drools, way of life bread & butter … all with some culture and laughter thrown in …. Oh and a fun picture gallery to boot.

I invite you to ride along with me.


Marchie : )

P.S. Don’t miss out on National Opera Day on February 11h. A bucket list visit – Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. Visit The Metropolitan Opera House in NYC or plan an evening at The Piedmont Opera in Winston-Salem, NC. No matter what – it will be a joyous evening!

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