DigIn Goes Outdoors


Pack a picnic, load up the bikes and the camping gear and head to the Virginia Creeper Trail. Take Blue Blaze Shuttle Service to the Virginia Creeper trailhead at Whitetop Mountian. You can hike or mountain bike the scenic 17 miles downhill to Damascus. Plan on coasting for three hours, including rest breaks, a picnic and time to take in the awesome views.

After the bike ride, head to Grayson Highlands for the camping – OH WHAT FUN! Ah, the steaks, corn on the cob & s’mores for dinner. The Continuing Ghost Story! The story starts and then left open-ended at a crucial point and moves to next person and so on until the round is made and the story is complete. Then if you dare, a little night time exploration.

Next day – Make an outstanding pot of coffee & breakfast over the campfire. Rest! Clean up your campsite – be double sure the fire is out and there are NO smoldering embers. Rest! Then head out for a hike  4 mile hike to see the wild horses and (2) smaller 2 mile hikes — the peaks & the water falls.

By then you will have worked up one heck of an appetite. On the way home – a must stop – Shatley Springs – for an amazing family style meal. They have the best country ham ever and I have eaten a lot of country ham!

Enjoy and please post pictures!

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