April Fools’

Ain’t No Joke! Bring ’em on …

Oh I just love little harmless pranks – especially ones that make you belly laugh …

Some of my all time favorites?
Bright colored jello or kool-aid powder in the shower head so when your roommate turns on the shower out spews nonsense

Then there is always the fake leg – it can end up anywhere ….

Fake rodents and insects are the best!

There used to be a way when you started up your MAC it would open on a Windows Screen

My Mom used to cover the toilet (under the seat) with plastic wrap — well you can imagine what happened when someoneĀ went to use said toilet.

But I want to Turn It All Over To You Today … What are some of your favorite April Fools’ pranks? Please add in the comments section below : )

And never pranked or been pranked? Check these easy but fun pranksĀ outĀ … or these more elaborate pranks.

Whatever you do – be aware and keep your eyes open at all times – cause you never know what or who might get you …

Prank On!





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