It’s been a Hot Minute

It’s been a Hot Minute

And welcome back …. to me anyway! I have always enjoyed sharing on my sweet little blog, but honestly, it was at the bottom of my list of “things to do.” But dang it — share what you love, right? So back at it — not promise how often, but stay tuned cause it will be a fun, wild ride …
A bit has changed since my last sharing. My sweet mother passed away in July. No, not from COVID. She had dementia — and that is a whole ‘nother blog. Yep, I am sad and miss her like crazy, but it grounded me a bit more and re-focused my attention on life!

So I am focusing/doing what I love…

  1. cabi – I love connecting with my customers/friends and just hanging out, and a plus if finding the perfect outfit(s) for them all — HA, my mission is to find the perfect fitting pair of pants for every woman I know …
  2. snob shop – same as above — but broader
  3. Service Day – One day totally dedicated to “giving back” – Sr. Services Connection Calls, Meals on Wheels, and hopefully adding on another very soon.
  4. Sara March Day – just that! All about me!
  5. Weekend Shenanigans – this is “we” time — always a project going on around here and sometimes a getaway adventure

And we have been enjoying some really excellent food exploration over the past year — so lots to share here too …

Whew, I better get writing — in the meantime, enjoy this photo of this chicken (I love chickens).

have a beautiful day my friends and as always … share what you love!
Sara March

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