it’s all good


Yep one might look at a major water main break and having to move out of our house while repairs are being done – as a disaster – not us – we pulled up our boot straps and packed an ax (for chopping wood), my “loaner” Young Living Premium Starter Kit , and a cast iron skillet – heck Hammer brought more then we did ….

Glass Half Full …
Water main Break – totally downstairs overhaul needed = Opportunity to redo the kitchen
No renter in the rental cabin = A warm and cozy place to live while repairs are being done
The Flu = Forced to slow down – sleep and get well

Observations: Simple is wonderful. It is amazing all you can do with just 11 essential oils. And YES, the trick to the best ever pineapple upside down cake …. Is a cast iron skillet.

It’s all good ….

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – in a cast iron skillet ….
(I went with what I had in the kitchen at the cabin)
Saute pineapple slices/chunks/crushed –in butter and honey – it doesn’t matter, use what you have —  I had fresh, chunked –  (maraschino cherries would have been great but did not have any)
Betty Crocker Extra Moist Yellow Cake mix – mix according to directions and pour over the pineapple.
Bake at 350 until done — about 25 minutes

Serve with Fresh whipped cream with honey and a bit of lavender oil.


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